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STAMPING Journal August 2007
August 8, 2007
By: SEYI Presses

SEYI Presses

Current economic, logistic, and financial conditions are forcing many companies to expand their stamping production around the world. When manufacturers are planning these facilities, it is important to develop close relationships with equipment suppliers that can meet their requirements, anywhere in the world. SEYI Presses has the capability to meet the needs for multinational companies. A few items to consider when selecting a vendor are:

What is the corporate and financial stability of the equipment manufacturer?

  • SEYI has been manufacturing presses since 1962 and produces over 4,000 presses per year for global distribution. SEYI is publicly tradedon the Taiwanese Stock Exchange.

What technical capabilities, local service and support are available?

  • SEYI has a staff of over 40 engineers available to assist customers with technical requirements, planning, equipment selection, etc. For North American based companies, factory engineers are located in our Tennessee headquarters to assist in strategic planning, equipment selection, and project management. SEYI has local factory support and parts available on 5 continents.

What can partnering with a single, global supplier do for a manufacturer?

  • A true partnership between a manufacturer and equipment supplier can benefit both parties in many ways. There will be standardization of equipment throughout global plants; an individual, local point of contact will assure all requirements are met; leveraged buy rates and flexible terms reduce the risk and initial capital outlay to the manufacturer.

To get more information on SEYI's products and capabilities, please contact us at the location below.

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