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Knockout punch

November 8, 2005 | By Scot Stevens

The system Sanmina-SCI uses to produce rails for Sun Microsystems' large servers is a key factor in Sanmina-SCI's competitiveness when it comes to processing a large, heavy-gauge, complet part, delivered in large volume on an as-needed basis for computer server systems and other similar applications.

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Up Around the Bend

April 11, 2005 | By Scot Stevens

Red Dot Corp., forced by eroding margins to consider lean manufacturing and reduce lead times, embarked on a project to reduce wasted time, materials, and space. As part of this project, the company decided to move some of its manufacturing processes from its main plant in Seattle, Wash., to one of its distribution hubs in Ipswich, England. Because the facility would rely on a single press brake, Red Dot shopped around for a press brake that would run continuously with a minimum of service calls. The company's success in press brake operations in Ipswich led it to overhaul its press brake operations in its facilities in Seattle and Memphis, Tenn.

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FMA goes to China

February 8, 2005 | By Scot Stevens

Two weeks after the first FMA China Tour group returned to the U.S., news broke that IBM had entered into talks to sell its PC business to China's largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo. That news came as no surprise to tour participants.

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Pipelines to China

December 7, 2004 | By Scot Stevens

Joe Shooshani was smoking a cigarette outside Hall 4 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). He had traveled from Los Angeles where he owns Bobco Metals, a metals service center offering a range of services, including forming, bending, welding, and fabricating. Shooshani was in...

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Beating 'world' pricing

January 13, 2004 | By Scot Stevens

During the depths of the manufacturing slowdown that has cost the fabricated metal products sector nearly 300,000 jobs since 2000, Steven Southwell, president of Des Plaines, Ill.-based Nu-Way Industries Inc., faced a depressing challenge from one of his multinational OEM customers??either meet the ??total cost of acquisition? achieved in China or purchase the part from the Chinese supplier, inventory it, and incorporate it into the family of parts supplied by Nu-Way.

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March for manufacturing

October 23, 2003 | By Scot Stevens

As the "jobless" recovery continues, the job cleansing of the U.S. manufacturing base tops 2.7 million. These millions now without jobs remain faceless, statistical footnotes to mainstream media reports about how the recession ended in 2001, production is on the rise, and how job losses are singularly attributable to productivity gains. The outsourcing of the American dream for small manufacturers proceeds unabated.

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Siege planning or strategic planning

April 24, 2003 | By Scot Stevens

"Globalization isn't news," said Lawrence J. Kendzior, a partner at Gleeson Sklar Sawyers & Cumpata LLP (GSSC), a privately held accounting firm that focuses on what it calls "middle-market manufacturers." "The news is that it's suddenly impacting companies that have never before been affected."

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Mazak super turbo

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Remote control fabrication

October 24, 2002 | By Scot Stevens

Caterpillar's Technical Center relentlessly pursues a manufacturing vision for the "world's largest welding shop." Its combination of laser machines for cutting, press brakes for bending, and robots for material handling provide some insight as to how one of the world's largest metal fabricators envisions its future.

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