IPSCO invests in plate and pipe upgrades

April 11, 2006

IPSCO Inc., Lisle, Ill., as part of its planned capital expenditures for 2006, has approved the $17.7 million expenditure for the installation of a vacuum degasser at its Montpelier, Iowa, steelworks to provide a more extensive range of steel products.

The vacuum degasser is a metallurgical refining process that allows production of ultralow hydrogen steel with high cleanliness. When installed, it will help meet growing demand for construction applications such as heavy equipment and bridge manufacturing and for higher-strength, large-diameter line pipe steels.

The company also approved a $27.5 million expenditure on a coil preparation facility and other related enhancements to its large-diameter spiral pipe mill in Regina, Saskatchewan. The new prepping area and equipment modifications will improve yield and productivity and increase capacity up to 25 percent.

Both the vacuum degasser and coil preparation facility are expected to be in operation by the third quarter of 2007.


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