Roll bending machine alters for varying applications

March 5, 2013

Roll bending machine alters for varying applications -

Cole-Tuve Inc. offers Sahinler Metal Makina four-roll angle and shape bending rolls with capacities up to 4 by 4 by 0.5 in. The roll position geometry allows each machine to be used as a pyramid roll, three-roll initial-pinch or double-pinch roll, four-roll double-pinch roll, or press, depending on the application.

The mountable outboard supports for the shafts minimize deflection under heavy load or when extreme bend accuracy is required. The lower roll can be used as a support roll to allow bending of light and thin shapes without distortion or crushing. The lower rolls can be substituted with special rolls for bending structurals the hard way. The machines are suited for the addition of NC or CNC.

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