Semiautomatic tube bender accepts large-radii tooling to 16-in. CLR

June 9, 2009

Ercolina's GB90/GB100 semiautomatic Giga Bender mandrel machine is suitable for bending tube, pipe, and square and rectangular profiles to CLR as tight as 1.5xD and accepts large-radii tooling to 16-in. CLR. The interactive PLC touchscreen offers access to auto and manual operating modes, system diagnostics, and multiple language capability.

The bender offers programmable bend angles with independent material springback setting for each bend. Programmable auto mandrel positioning allows the operator to optimize extraction for improved bend quality. Clamping, pressure die, and boost movements are programmable with manual override. USB is available for unlimited program memory storage and communication.

The interactive touchscreen displays absolute or incremental positioning with inch or metric readout. The programmable tailstock interference zone monitors position and eliminates workhead collision.

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