Serpentine benders eliminate need to rotate material between bends

May 10, 2010

Winton Machine has introduced SB series CNC serpentine tube benders for production use. They perform serpentine bending without the need to rotate the material between bends (R axis plane rotation). The user programs the bend angles, centerline radius, and straight lengths, and serpentine bending begins. The tubing always stays in contact with the support table to maintain flatness.

Because the bend head can bend both CW and then CCW without rotating the tube between bends, the ability to control larger serpentine coils becomes much easier, the company states.

Features include microprocessor control with a PC interface for programming, program storage on PC, programmable lengths, programmable bend angles, a large tabletop for postbending support, a free-spinning payoff for bulk spool support, a powered straightener with encoder feedback for accurate feeding, a keypad and display for user input, and programmable springback for CW and CCW bends.

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