Pipe sander polishes handrails, pipe, tubing

March 11, 2008

The LRP 1503 AIR Boa pipe sander from CS Unitec polishes handrails, pipe, and tubing. It has a 1-HP motor, with 20-CFM air consumption at 90 PSI and is lightweight. Operators can wrap the sanding arm up to 270 degrees around the radius of the pipe and rotate the machine slightly for a 360-degree finish. The sanding arm is made of light alloy with two deflection rollers for fast, simplified operation and optimal finish, the manufacturer states. An additional side handle rotates up to 180 degrees for use in narrow spaces.

The sander requires no tools for belt replacement. Spring resistance between the deflection rollers helps ensure that the sanding arm and belt are always uniformly tensioned. The sander is suitable for stainless steel and other ferrous and nonferrous pipe, as well as for cleaning the pipe surface in preparation for welding.

The sander also is available as an electric model with an 11-amp motor and a variable-speed control from 12 to 40 FPS. Both the pneumatic and electric models include a carrying case and various sanding belts.

Additional belts are available in two sizes: 1.5 in. wide for straight sections and 3/4 in. wide for elbows and corners. The belts come in grits from 80 to 220. Nonwoven, nylon sanding fleece also is available for polishing.

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