Fiber laser system designed for small-tube processing

March 19, 2013

Fiber laser system designed for small-tube processing -

BLM Group has introduced the Lasertube LT5, an entry-level, automated laser tube cutter designed to handle small and medium-sized tubes. Equipped with a 1-kW IPG fiber laser, the unit can process mild steel, as well as highly reflective materials such as aluminum, copper, and brass.

The machine processes round tubes from 0.5 to 5 in., square tubes from 0.5 by 0.5 in. to 4 by 4 in., and rectangular and oval tubes from 0.4 by 0.5 in. to 5 by 2.75 in. It accepts tube lengths of 126 to 256 in.

The length of each tube is measured automatically during the preloading phase, permitting the machine control to optimize nesting and minimize scrap. Tube is supported and guided during each phase of the process to help ensure cut accuracy and to protect the tube surface from scratches.

Unloading can be programmed to occur either at the front or rear of the machine, and different types of pieces can be collected automatically in separate containers placed in the unloading area. In addition, an optional conveyor can be installed at the rear to unload short cut pieces or to collect scrap and end pieces.

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