Inspection instrument identifies 0.001-in. flaws

December 13, 2005

The Lenox Fiberscope inspects in inaccessible and inhospitable areas and can identify flaws as small as 0.001 in.

The fiberscope feature a tight bending radius and steerable two- or four-way articulated tip that allows for easy manipulation around corners, through pipe bends, and past blockages. Diameters are from 0.140 in. to 0.395 in. with lengths to 18 ft.

The unit's construction helps to ensure uniform fiber configuration through the length of the probe to produce optimal resolution and little or no distortion. The objective lens, available in standard direct view or optional right-angle view, is placed at the distal tip for focusing. Optical bundles are protected by an enclosed, flexible stainless steel housing for smooth maneuverability around sharp corners and elbows.

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