Downhole casing and pipe cutting system features ultrahigh-pressure waterjet technology

May 28, 2014

Centura Oil Inc. has developed a downhole casing and pipe cutting system that can fit inside pipes as small as 2 in. ID and cut multiple layers of grouted casing in a single pass with a 55,000-PSI abrasive waterjet.

Operable in hazardous environments, the CenJet 90® casing and pipe cutting system is designed for oil, gas, and mining applications, including plug and abandon operations. Its cutting process does not exceed 140 degrees F, minimizing the chance of ignition.

The system is powered by a 200-HP Jet Edge waterjet intensifier pump and features a modified Permalign abrasivejet cutting head that is coupled to coiled steel tubing or conventional threaded rods. The system, which can cut 16-in.-thick steel, is deployed into the pipe or casing and cuts from the inside. It can perform cuts up to 300 ft. from the surface and can cut at any angle, horizontal, vertical, and overhead.