Endprep machine processes 5-m tube

March 8, 2005

Caorle US offers the CL132-5000 CNC endworking machine for simultaneous and dual-ended facing, chamfering, boring, and neck turning oftubing and tube-type bars up to 5 m (16.4 ft.) long.

The machine accommodates diameters of 40 to 200 mm and lengths of 300 to 5,000 mm. It comes equipped with two opposed machining and positioning units.

Each unit contains a heavy-duty, high-precision, 20-HP spindle configured for ISO-50 taper, quick-change toolholders. Each unit also contains an additional side-mounted positioning spindle, equipped for initial clamping and locating tubes on the internal diameter.

To help eliminate vibration during cutting, each external clamping station can be positioned strategically at relevant locations along the machine bed's entire length. Each opposed machining unit is centrally mounted on an independent cast iron saddle that moves along hardened, precision-ground ballscrews and brushless motors. The hydraulically clamped self-centering clamping station jaws are mounted on the same guideways as the saddles.

The labyrinth style machine base structure is manufactured of thick-section, electrowelded and normalized heavy steel plate. The bed and machine base have internal chip evacuation chutes to direct material cuttings toward two opposed and fully integrated chip conveyors while keeping the overall footprint as small as possible.

The machine comes with traveling sheet metal guarding and protective enclosures, which are positioned automatically relative to the active work zones. All functions are programmed at the CNC with simple, menu-driven conversational programming software and control engineered exclusively for the machines. GE Fanuc® and Siemens® CNC systems are optional.