Machine automatically deburrs one end of part

February 13, 2007

Kent Corp. has introduced a new Burrmaster deburring machine to automatically deburr one end of a part.

The Rotomat utilizes a 12 in. dia. by 6 in. wide brush. The brush spins downward at 2,000 RPM, and the entire brush head rotates on its axis at 60 RPM. This action quickly deburrs an end of a tube or profile consistently without the operator having to rotate the part.

The machine can process ferrous or nonferrous material up to 5 in. OD parts. It also can deburr miter cut ends and bent tubing. Changeover takes less than 5 sec.

The 39-lb. saw has a heavy-duty lock-down pin and an integrated carrying handle. An adjustable spark guard helps operators control the direction of sparks. A horizontal D-handle provides increased comfort.