Tube cutting/finishing system produces 5,000 pieces/hr.

April 10, 2014

Rattunde Corp. has introduced the ACS® + CFMtwin tube cutting and finishing system. Equipped with a twin machining head that fits onto the standard head, the machine cuts two tube or bar sections simultaneously, then machines both ends of both workpieces at the same time. The machine can produce up to 5,000 finished pieces/hr. The option also exists for single tube or bar production on the same machine.

In twin mode, the system can process two workpieces of 0.39 to 1.63 in. OD each into finished lengths from 0.39 to 59.05 in. When the twin head is removed, the standard machining head can process a single workpiece up to 4.13 in. OD.

The machine offers secondary brush deburring, end machining (chamfering and facing), inspection, washing, drying, and robotic packaging. The entire machine and all auxiliary workstations are motion-controlled by CNC from a single operator station.

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