Tube recut machine achieves up to 3,000 cycles/hr.

August 22, 2012

Tube recut machine achieves up to 3,000 cycles/hr. -

Haven Mfg. offers the model #873 servo tube recut machine for cutting round, square, and rectangular tubing to a variety of precise lengths automatically. Material to be cut is fed through an integrated servomotor-controlled linear slide, allowing the operator to preprogram the machine to cut parts with multiple lengths and different quantities from each mill-length tube.

The system achieves up to 3,000 cycles/hr. while producing cut-to-length tubes from 0.5 in. to mill length.

The cutoff process begins when mill-length tube bundles up to 30 in. dia. are placed into the integrated loader/unscrambler by overhead hoist or forklift. The tubes are lifted gently by five elevating slings to load position, where single tubes feed onto an inclined table that controls the feed rate into the recut machine.

When an individual tube reaches loading position, it feeds into V rollers and is ready to advance toward the cutting head. The tube is gripped by a set of slide clamps controlled by the integrated servomotor and is moved forward into the dual-blade cutoff head to the required length. As the tube is being cut, the slide clamp retracts to its original position and is ready to advance the tube to the next preprogrammed cutting length.

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