Cutoff machines simultaneously face, chamfer OD/ID

April 11, 2006

Graebener Group Technologies offers the Reika line of compact, rotating-head tube cutoff machines that cut and simultaneously face and chamfer the OD/ID on both tube ends.

The units hold the tube in a fixed position while the cutting head rotates, minimizing positioning error and helping to eliminate any marking on the OD surface. The units have tolerance rates of ±0.05 mm with Cpk greater than 2.0. Capabilities include ingoing tube length up to 65 ft. and 3.5 in. diameter with a minimum cut length less than 1.0 in.

The rotary cutoff unit can be equipped with standard carbide inserts or with roller blades for chipless cutting, depending on wall thickness and material. The machines can be equipped with Siemens or Allen Bradley controls, and all come with the telediagnosis system.

All machine and tube transport axes are electromechanically driven. Subsequent measuring stations for length, roundness, straightness, or customer-specific measuring applications can be integrated with SPC capability. Machines also can be equipped with flexible and fully automated stack-out and bundling systems, allowing a single operator to manage multiple machines simultaneously.