The sawing technology area has enough depth to cover more than just band and circular sawing machines. It has information on blade selection and use, lubricant selection, and sawing safety.

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Panel saw cuts sheet material, strips cable

March 25, 2015

The KS-426 panel saw from Kett Tool provides the ability to strip aluminum and steel-clad cable and cut sheet material with one tool. It features a positive depth-stop, allowing the user to set the saw blade deep enough to cut cable sheathing, but not the cable itself. The saw uses a 2,500-RPM,...

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Band saw offers large capacity, pivoting saw head

March 20, 2015

Pat Mooney Saws has introduced the Pegasus GV gear-driven miter band saw. With its cutting accuracy and squareness, large capacity, and pivoting saw head, the saw is suitable for use in iron, steel, and structural steel fabrication. The swivel saw head has a precision protractor and a 0- to...

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Cold saw designed for high-volume sawing of steel tubes

March 18, 2015

Pat Mooney Saws offers the Matic 315 CM 1B fully automatic circular cold saw designed for high-volume sawing of steel tubes. The machine comes standard with an automatic loading system that includes an automatic bundle loader capable of running long production runs. A heavy-duty pivoting saw...

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An overview of structural tube sawing options

March 12, 2015


Cutting ASTM A500 structural steel tube can be done more efficiently and cost-effectively by finding the saw that fits your shop floor production realities. It all starts with choosing either a band saw or a circular cold saw.

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Cutting and Weld Prep | video | Sponsored Content

Surface Finisher - Linear Grinder - Model PTX Eco Smart

Presented by CS Unitec Inc.

Length: 1:04

The PTX Eco Smart is a multi-functional grinding and polishing system for flat surfaces and open or closed pipe constructions. Grind from coarse to very fine finishes, and burnish to a high-gloss finish. Work with stainless steel, steel and nonferrous metals (aluminum, brass, bronze and copper), as well as wood and rigid plastic.

Saw Service of Washington named as Lenox Certified Weld Center

March 2, 2015

Saw Service of Washington Inc. (SSW), located in Bellingham, Wash., has completed all requirements to become one of 45 LENOX® Certifi¬ed Weld Centers in North America and the only one in western Washington. SSW runs two welding production lines with capabilities up to 2.0 in. Its LENOX...

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Circular cold saw offers speed of abrasive saw

February 26, 2015

Pat Mooney Saws has introduced the Saturn circular cold saw. According to the manufacturer, the saw offers the speed of an abrasive saw and the capacity of a traditional band saw. With its cutting accuracy, squareness, large capacity, and pivoting saw, the machine is suitable for a variety of...

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Extra features added to horizontal band saw

January 22, 2015

Behringer has added more standard features to its HBE Dynamic series horizontal band saws. The saws now include automatic precision servo downfeed control and blade protection sensor technology. A sensor-driven cutting pressure control is located at the back of the saw blade. Positioning the...

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Heavy-duty cutoff saw system

January 5, 2015

TigerStop has introduced TigerSaw Ferrous, a fully automated, heavy-duty, precision ferrous metal cutoff saw and push feed. The column saw has mitering capabilities from 60 degrees left to 45 degrees right. The system is designed to cut tube, pipe, and barstock up to 42 ft. long. Features...

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Carbide-tipped saw blade handles austenitic stainless steel tube

November 26, 2014

Kinkelder offers Connexxioncut 4 (CX4) carbide-tipped saw blades for cutting of 300 series stainless steel tubes from 0.12 to 0.24 in. thick. Based on a constant cutting speed of 262.47 FPM and constant tooth load of 0.002 in./tooth, the blades cut 2.36- by 0.16-in. tube in less than 4 sec.,...

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Tungsten carbide-tipped circular saw blades designed for tube and pipe cutting

November 25, 2014

New-Form Tools has added tungsten carbide-tipped (TCT) circular saw blades to its metal cutting product line. The blades are designed to address the specifications of the tube and pipe industry. The blades, which produce a burr-free cut through steel materials, are coated for up to 4 to 10 times...

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Metal saws leave workable edge

November 25, 2014

Fein Power Tools Inc. has introduced three new Slugger saw models that leave a workable edge when making straight or bevel cuts up to 45 degrees on steel plate, angle, pipe, and square or round tube. The new 7.25-in. metal hand cutting saw has a double-insulated, 1,400-W, 120-V, 12-amp,...

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Blade drive updated on vertical tilt-frame band saw

November 20, 2014

Marvel Mfg. Co. has made changes to its 8-Mark-II vertical tilt-frame band saw. In addition to a new powder coating and paint color scheme, the saw features a blade drive upgraded from a 2- to 5-HP motor and controlled with a variable-frequency drive. The blade speed control dial has moved from the...

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Simonds Saw’s European manufacturing partner WESPA receives ISO 9001 certification

November 17, 2014

Simonds Saw, Fitchburg, Mass., has announced that its European band saw blade technology partner, WESPA®, located in Melsungen, Germany, has received ISO 9001 quality certification. WESPA is a manufacturer of sawing tools and products, including a variety of carbon and bimetal band saw blades...

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TigerStop wins AWB Manufacturing Excellence Award

October 31, 2014

Vancouver, Wash.-based TigerStop, a manufacturer of automated stop/gauge and pusher systems, has taken top honors in the innovation category in the Association of Washington Business (AWB) 2014 Manufacturing Excellence Awards. According to AWB, TigerStop has maintained a competitive advantage...

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