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The oxyfuel cutting technology area discusses oxyfuel equipment, cutting tips, gases, and how to get the most out of this versatile, capable process.

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Oxyfuel lifter provides 150-IPM vertical speed

June 13, 2006

The OL200 oxyfuel lifter from MG Systems and Welding is suitable for use with the ALFA oxyfuel torch and provides 150-IPM vertical speed.The lifter provides increased part accuracy as a result of accurate height sensing through integration with the torch's height sensing system, the company says....

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Cutting software upgraded

February 7, 2006

MG Systems and Welding has introduced the version 3.0 of its Global Control software.The new version includes a Job List feature that allows users to load several part programs into memory, assign unique cut parameters to each program, and set a location on the cutting table. A programmer can...

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Waterjet system works with laser, robotic, oxyfuel, and plasma cutters

January 10, 2006

The M-Series of waterjets from WARDJet Inc. enables operators to use a laser, robotic arm, oxyfuel cutter, or plasma cutter as a waterjet and drive the intensifier off compressed air in the shop.A tent specifically designed and built to contain all the abrasive and water inside the tank makes it...

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Cutting tips designed for major brand-name torches

December 13, 2005

Weldmark has introduced a cutting tip line for all major brand-name torches.The tips are individually tested and manufactured in the...

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Machine punches, drills, marks, cuts flat bar, plate stock

October 11, 2005

Peddinghaus Corp.'s FBDB 2500/3 plate processing center incorporates punching, drilling, scribe marking, and thermal cutting technologies via plasma or oxyfuel into one machine.The machine processes flat bar and plate stock from to 3 in. thick with capacity up to 96 in. wide and 20 ft. in-feed...

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Oxyfuel torch features automated height sensing, ignition

August 9, 2005

The ALFA oxyfuel torch from MG Systems and Welding has completely integrated height sensing and internal auto-ignition, eliminating external parts that can become coated in slag or become damaged by tip ups or other working hazards.Able to sense right up to the plate edge, the torch isn't affected...

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Oxyfuel outfit introduced

August 9, 2005

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products has introduced the Jesse James PUROX® MetalMaster oxyfuel outfit as part of its Jesse James Signature Series. James, founder of West Coast Choppers and star of Discovery Channel's Monster Garage series, worked closely with ESAB to develop the line.The outfit is...

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Gas control system enhances oxyfuel cutting

February 8, 2005

MG Systems and Welding has introduced the Omniflow automatic gas control system designed to provide consistent oxyfuel cutting performance.The operator selects the material thickness on the control screen, and the system automatically sets the correct preheat oxygen, cutting oxygen, and fuel gas...

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Shape-cutting CNC provides dual microprocessing capabilities

January 11, 2005

The PC-based ProMotion® DUO shape-cutting control from ProMotion Controls combines dual microprocessor technology and advanced software for multitasking, part creation, and nesting for oxyfuel, plasma, and waterjet cutting applications.One microprocessor is dedicated to the Windows® XP...

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CD-ROM, video detail safe operation of oxyfuel equipment, gases

October 12, 2004

Smith Equipment offers a CD-ROM and VHS videotape detailing the safety measures and precautions associated with oxyfuel equipment and gases.The 41-minute video, Oxyfuel Equipment Safety & Operations, is targeted toward everyone, from students to professionals. It discusses all aspects of oxyfuel...

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