Tube and Pipe Production Articles

The tube and pipe production technology area encompasses mills and all of the equipment that makes a mill run successfully: tooling, welding units, nondestructive testers, bundlers, scarfing equipment, straighteners, scrap choppers, and washing systems.

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Roll form tooling tryout and troubleshooting

May 29, 2003 | By Dan Mennecke

The secret to developing successful roll tooling—whether for tube production or roll forming—and achieving maximum roll integrity is a simple but often overlooked notion: a comprehensive approach.

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Solving the mysteries of the fin pass—Part 2

May 15, 2003 | By W.B. "Bud" Graham

Editor's Note: This article is the second part of a two-part series about fin passes. Part I discusses their location, what they do, and how they do it. Part II focuses on troubleshooting.

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Solving the mysteries of the fin pass—Part 1

April 10, 2003 | By W.B. "Bud" Graham

The fin pass was not the first time your father gave you five bucks for your allowance. The fin passes are those forming passes that immediately follow the breakdown or initial forming stages on a tube mill. Their role is paramount in the successful final presentation of the formed tubular section to the welding process.

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Coil joining criteria for tube and pipe mills

March 13, 2003 | By Steve Shaffer

A coil end joiner, shear welder, end welder, coil splicer, strip welder, shear and end welder, or butt welder—whatever you call it, it performs the same simple task coil after coil: It quickly shears strip ends, butts them, and provides a smooth ductile weld so that the newly joined coil can pass through a tube mill.

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Don't lose your bearing!

February 27, 2003 | By W.B. "Bud" Graham

It's Monday morning after a long holiday weekend, and the first shift is starting with a bang. The slit coil supplier is late with your delivery, the second-shift maintenance person has called in sick, the mill operator is going to be late to work, and you wish you were still at the beach with the family.

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The process of contoured tubing manufacturing

February 28, 2002 | By Werner Wasmer

This article discusses the importance of new technology in the roll forming industry, especially in welded contoured tubing. The author discusses the process of welding contoured tubing all the way through to the end product.

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Using flowformed titanium alloy seamless tubes in production

February 14, 2002 | By George Durfee

Lots of strength, lots of uses: Ti-6AL-4V, combined with the flowforming process can make sense for a wealth of industrial and consumer applications.

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Tooling, the key for mill production

November 29, 2001 | By Robert Stroud

This article discusses three main criteria that govern tube mill tooling—design, materials used in their construction, and alignment of tooling on the mill. Discusses advancements in design due to CAD technology; experimental use of ceramic and plastic materials for making tooling; and the use of subplates and interchangeable components to ease tube mill alignment.

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Using existing tooling for new product applications

November 29, 2001 | By David Jenkins Jr.

The article outlines factors for consideration when changing material type, grade, coatings, efficient speed requirements, specialty shapes, etc. Special consideration is given to the difference in speed between the minor relief angle and the root diameter.

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Increasing tube mill welding speed: Examining technology for tube producers

October 25, 2001 | By Bernard Mannion

This article reviews processes that were technological advances in tube welding years ago but still have a bearing on how tube producers do their jobs today.

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Comparing single-cut and dimple-free tube mill cutoffs

October 25, 2001 | By John J. Pavelec

This article covers the application of single-cut and dimple-free cutoff shear technologies as they are applied to contemporary high-speed tube mills.

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Mastering the tool selection process

October 11, 2001 | By Baicheng Wen

Need a tutorial on how to select the proper tube mill tooling for all kinds of jobs? Getting the right tools in place for a particular product can make a world of difference in the final product.

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Taking the troubles out of tube mill tooling: Preventing and solving some common problems

October 11, 2001 | By Chris Miller

This article discusses the prevention of problems associated with tube mill tooling, touching on maintaining tooling, as well as troubleshooting common problems that may arise during the tube production process.

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Making seamless tubing with a floating mandrel mill

September 17, 2001 | By Ray Miller

Every six seconds, a single, 32-foot length of oil country tubular goods (OCTG) production tubing used in the exploration and production of oil and/or gas is produced. More than 20,000 miles of tubular product a year can be produced using the floating mandrel mill seamless tubular production...

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Examining tube mill roll tooling, setup, and maintenance

September 17, 2001 | By Dan Ventura

In today's competitive market, two of the most important considerations for high-quality production are proper roll tooling setup and mill alignment.

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