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Whether you're using a high-speed stamping press to make simple parts at breakneck speeds or doing something really tricky, like deep drawing a material that puts up a lot of resistance, the information in this technology area is sure to help. The articles, case studies, and press releases cover stamping presses, lubricants, and materials.

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App aids tool steel selection

May 1, 2013

Lindquist Steels has introduced a Tool Steel Selection Guide app for mobile devices. Its build function allows users to search several hundred common applications and choose the material that best fits their production needs. Whether it be a forming die, a rifle barrel, or an injection mold...

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Punches, dies made of proprietary high-speed steel -

Punches, dies made of proprietary high-speed steel

April 30, 2013

Mate Precision Tooling offers a variety of tooling made of M4PM™ high-speed steel. The line includes TRUMPF®-style size 0 and 1 punches, QuickLock™ size 1 punches, NEXT™ size 40 and 76 punches, TRUMPF-style size 5 and 10 multitool punches and dies, and LongLife™...

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Two-compartment cabinet oven preheats large dies

April 3, 2013

The Grieve Corp. has manufactured No. 1028, a twin-compartment, 750-degrees-F electric cabinet oven used for preheating large dies at a customer's facility. Each compartment measures 40 by 42 by 51 in. The 100-kW, INCOLOY® alloy-sheathed tubular elements heat the oven chamber, while a 7,800-CFM,...

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Kits, tools permit springback development on all ferrous, nonferrous materials

March 12, 2013

Urethane Tooling & Engineering Corp. has introduced a line of springback development kits, tools and services for metal forming applications involving material up to 0.125 in. thick and thicker. The tools permit accurate development for springback of all ferrous and nonferrous materials,...

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Machine-ready blanks eliminate prep work for end users -

Machine-ready blanks eliminate prep work for end users

March 11, 2013

TCI Precision Metals offers custom, precision, machine-ready blanks, eliminating prep work for end users. Using customer-provided data and simulation software, the company has calculated that using the blanks can provide shops with as much as a 25 percent increase in capacity, as it eliminates...

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Die set configurator available online -

Die set configurator available online

February 26, 2013

Superior Die Set Corp. has introduced a die set configurator. This CAD drawing generator creates a customized 2-D or 3-D rendering that includes all the plates and components of a die set. Users then choose the format and version to download the image to their computers. The 3-D die set...

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Flying cutoff press's servo drive adds flexibility for various operations -

Flying cutoff press's servo drive adds flexibility for various operations

January 31, 2013

Airam Press Co. Ltd. has designed and engineered a pneumatic flying cutoff press that uses a servo drive for stamping, punching, cutting, and piercing materials such as steel and aluminum. It can be used as part of a stamping workcell, to anchor the front or back of a roll forming line, and for...

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Shorter spring lengths added to line

January 31, 2013

Anchor Lamina America Inc. has announced the addition of 23 shorter spring length part numbers to Danly IEM's DieMax XL™ springs product line. The 0.75-in. free length was added to the 0.375- and 0.75-in. hole diameters, which includes both the rectangular and round wire die springs. The springs...

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Modular, triaxis transfer helps improve production efficiency -

Modular, triaxis transfer helps improve production efficiency

January 21, 2013

Schuler has unveiled the Intra Trans modular transfer. Designed for installation on all progressive and transfer presses, it allows for the production of larger parts in existing presses, as it can use the complete width of the press window. The transfer's ability to perform multiple transfer...

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Urethane press brake die retainers are modular

January 16, 2013

Urethane Tooling & Eng. Corp. has launched a new line of modular Tool-A-Thane urethane press brake die retainers used for most metal forming applications up to 0.125-in. material or larger. The press brake die retainers permit accurate bending without marring or scratching ferrous or...

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Vacuum lifter-tilter loads strip metal coil onto mandrel -

Vacuum lifter-tilter loads strip metal coil onto mandrel

January 15, 2013

Anver Corp. has introduced the AT series vacuum lifter-tilter. The compact unit lets an operator pick up a thin-strip metal coil from the top surface, keeping the center hole unobstructed, and then manipulate and load it onto a mandrel. Featuring fully adjustable and lockable power tilting...

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Tools form parts with short, tapered flanges -

Tools form parts with short, tapered flanges

December 20, 2012

FAB Supply Inc. has made design changes to its Rolla-V tooling line. The tools can be used to form a greater variety of material thicknesses, and components have been redesigned to deliver increased angular accuracy and angular repeatability. The forming action of the dies allows fabricators to...

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Mechanical stamping presses introduced -

Mechanical stamping presses introduced

December 18, 2012

Nidec Minster Corp. has announced the introduction of the MMC Press line of mechanical stamping presses to markets in North and South America. The machines are manufactured by Ningbo CFG Machinery Co. in Ningbo, China. The line includes single- and two-point gap and unitized-frame straight-side...

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"One-click" multiconnection manifold helps simplify die change

December 12, 2012

Industrial Innovations offers the Quick Spray Release multiconnection manifold, which enables "one-click" disconnect and connect of multiple hoses to assist with quick die change. Simplifying lube line hookup, the manifold helps ensure lubricant spray is applied where intended every time. Each...

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Cut-to-length system handles stock widths to 36 in.

November 8, 2012

The Feed Lease Corp. has released its new RWC full line cut-to-length system for the metal stamping industry. The system comprises a cabinet-mounted servo feed with a hydraulic production shear. It handles stock widths to 36 in. with maximum stock thickness of 0.090-in. mild steel. The controller...

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