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Leveler flattens armor plate -

Leveler flattens armor plate

October 21, 2013

Delta Steel Technologies (DST) offers a leveler that can process flat steel from heat-treated armored plate with 250,000-PSI yield strength and edge curves in one pass. Machines are available in capacities from 2-in. armor plate to 0.005-in. food and beverage stock. For lighter gauges, the...

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System controls lubricant application to stamped, drawn material -

System controls lubricant application to stamped, drawn material

October 17, 2013

Industrial Innovations' Spra-Rite Alpha lubricating system controls lubricant application to stamped, drawn material or the tooling process. Suitable for small pressrooms and vanishing-oil applications, the turnkey system includes a controller, injector manifolds, stainless steel tank, nozzles,...

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Servo-positioning flag stop system aids setup

September 12, 2013

The new servo-positioning flag stop system from Manchester Tool & Die Inc. is designed to aid setup personnel in adjusting tube out through the machine's HMI. The system provides consistent adjustments to help speed setup times. It is available for newer M71 machines that are equipped with...

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Slug retention machine includes design changes

September 12, 2013

DTC Products has introduced a new version of its patented slug retention machine. The device uses a pneumatically powered grinder to machine a small, angled groove into the side wall of the die cavity in a stamping die, preventing slugs from pulling onto the die surface where they can damage the...

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Metalworking fluid contains 70 percent biobased content -

Metalworking fluid contains 70 percent biobased content

July 31, 2013

Cortec®'s EcoLine® metalworking fluid, powered by Nano-VpCI®, is a biodegradable, multifunctional product formulated with biobased lubricants, additives, and emulsifiers. It can be used as an alternative to chlorinated products and mineral oils. Containing 70 percent biobased...

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Start-stop cut-to-length line handles 80-in.-OD coil

July 24, 2013

Royalton Industries has developed a start-stop cut-to-length line for a U.S. customer. It includes a coil car with blocker rolls, cone-type uncoiler with AC feed-up drives, driven hold-down roll, peeler table with bottom pass line roll, entry feed rolls with exit side guides, two down-cut crop...

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Blanking line combines laser cutting, continuous coil feeding

July 8, 2013

Schuler has unveiled laser blanking lines featuring DynamicFlow Technology. The machines, which combine laser cutting with continuous coil feeding, can produce even small batches JIT and cost-effectively, according to the company. The machines can produce a variety of blank shapes simultaneously...

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Radius, blank punches available for springback development

June 19, 2013

Urethane Tooling & Eng. Corp. has launched a new line of aluminum and urethane radius and blank punches for forming development and tryout. The products, designed to work with the Tool-A-Thane urethane press brake die retainers and springback development tools, are available in radii of 0.02...

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Manifold enables quick spray nozzle connection during QDC

June 18, 2013

Industrial Innovation offers the Quick Spray Release Multi-Connection manifold. It enables single-click disconnect and connect of multiple hoses to assist with QDC for spray nozzle hookup for in-die spray application. The single-handed process helps simplify die change and reduce changeover time....

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Forming lubricant works with all metals

June 12, 2013

Chemtool Inc. has introduced NuSol® Alumax AG for forming of all metals, including all nonferrous and aluminum alloys and tough, exotic ferrous alloys. The lubricant includes a hydrolytic additive that upgrades the thermal stability and oxidation resistance of the fluid during the lubrication...

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Heavy-duty line assists press brake plate bending -

Heavy-duty line assists press brake plate bending

June 10, 2013

Wila® USA has introduced the HD heavy-duty product line to help maximize press brake productivity when bending plate from 0.3125 to 1 in. thick or when bending high, concentrated loads, such as high-tensile-strength materials in dies with smaller than normal V-openings. The line comprises...

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Servo drive technology helps boost press output

May 22, 2013

Schuler has announced that its ServoDirect technology now can be retrofitted to conventional flywheel presses with the aid of its patented Dualdrive technology. According to the manufacturer, modernizing presses in this way can boost press productivity by up to 50 percent. The servomotor mounts...

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Servomotors in press bed increase force distribution, reduce deflection -

Servomotors in press bed increase force distribution, reduce deflection

May 16, 2013

Schuler has developed the TwinServo Technology (TST) drive concept, featuring two decentralized servomotors in the press bed. The slide is pulled, not pushed, downward, making the force flow more direct and reducing deflection by about 30 percent, according to the manufacturer. Tilting...

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App aids tool steel selection

May 1, 2013

Lindquist Steels has introduced a Tool Steel Selection Guide app for mobile devices. Its build function allows users to search several hundred common applications and choose the material that best fits their production needs. Whether it be a forming die, a rifle barrel, or an injection mold...

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Punches, dies made of proprietary high-speed steel -

Punches, dies made of proprietary high-speed steel

April 30, 2013

Mate Precision Tooling offers a variety of tooling made of M4PM™ high-speed steel. The line includes TRUMPF®-style size 0 and 1 punches, QuickLock™ size 1 punches, NEXT™ size 40 and 76 punches, TRUMPF-style size 5 and 10 multitool punches and dies, and LongLife™...

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