Tube and Pipe Production Products

The tube and pipe production technology area encompasses mills and all of the equipment that makes a mill run successfully: tooling, welding units, nondestructive testers, bundlers, scarfing equipment, straighteners, scrap choppers, and washing systems.

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Process demagnetizes large pipes

May 16, 2013

Schuler, in cooperation with Maurer Magnetic, has developed a process that can demagnetize large pipes during their production. According to the manufacturer, this improves weld quality, enabling pipelines to withstand much greater pressures. In the patented process, the welded pipes are pushed...

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Weld squeeze box handles HSLA steel pipe to 4.5 in. OD -

Weld squeeze box handles HSLA steel pipe to 4.5 in. OD

April 2, 2013

Rafter Equipment Corp. has completed an RT-4500 weld squeeze box for an API pipe producer. The box is sized for HSLA steel pipe up to 4.5 in. OD by 0.262 in. wall. The design includes push-on-center squeeze roll adjustments, high-capacity tapered roller bearings within the roll tools, and...

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Turnkey systems produce spirally welded, longitudinally welded large pipe

July 16, 2012

Schuler offers turnkey systems for large-pipe production, designed to meet demand in natural resource extraction applications. Systems for producing spirally welded and longitudinally welded pipes are available. For the production of spirally welded large pipes, both online and offline processes...

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Hot sizing mill handles API pipe -

Hot sizing mill handles API pipe

February 20, 2012

Brandt Engineered Products Ltd. has introduced a new hot sizing mill to accommodate a variety of specifications. Designed for maximum throughput, it is equipped with three stands positioned 90 degrees to each other that are adjustable electronically from the operator’s station. Each roll...

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Seam monitoring device designed for high-frequency longitudinally welded tube production

April 12, 2010

Blissenbach has introduced a seam monitoring device used in combination with ID scarfing tools for the production of high-frequency longitudinally welded tubes. The product monitors cutting edge...

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Tube straightening machine incorporates multiple bending feature

February 9, 2010

Bronx/Taylor-Wilson offers the 10.CR.5 cross-roll tube straightening machine. The 10-roll design can straighten to stringent tolerances at high speeds, according to the company. The machine...

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Flying tube shear introduced

April 14, 2009

Haven Mfg. has introduced the Haventrak™ Flying Shear for tube cutting. It combines a dual-blade shear cutoff head with a U-Trak length control system from Universal Controls Group to deliver...

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Tube verification system introduced

May 13, 2008

Two companies have worked together to introduce a new method for documenting or verifying large and complex tubes, such as those found in the oil and chemical industries, but also in aircraft and...

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Quick-change cutoff system introduced

September 11, 2007

Roll-Kraft has introduced its Ardcor high-speed, quick-change cutoff system.The patent-pending Rapid-Konvert Cut-Off System has touchscreen press, die, and closed-loop servo-driven controls designed...

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Rotary cut-to-length machine has servo-positioning, inline end-form unit

June 12, 2007

J&B Industries has added to its product line a rotary cut-to-length machine with a servo-positioning, inline end-form unit.The unit has servo-driven feed and pull-apart mechanisms. The end-form unit...

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Deburring machine works with large-diameter, short-length tubing

January 9, 2007

Kent Corp.'s Burrmaster model 10 automatically deburrs both ends of large-diameter, short-length tubing simultaneously.Capable of deburring tubing from 1.7 in. O.D. to 4.756 in. O.D., lengths from 2 ...

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Custom tubes and rods available

June 13, 2006

Marshall Mfg. Co. offers custom-manufactured surgical tubes and rods with burr-free custom slots, notches, cross holes, and multiple angles made with high-precision wire EDM processes.The process has...

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Bar cradle trucks have up to 10,000-lb. capacity

June 13, 2006

Newly designed bar cradle trucks from The Durham Mfg. Co. offer 25 percent more cradle space with 4,000- and 10,000-lb. weight capacities for storage and movement of heavy pipe, tubing, and...

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Cutoff machines simultaneously face, chamfer OD/ID

April 11, 2006

Graebener Group Technologies offers the Reika line of compact, rotating-head tube cutoff machines that cut and simultaneously face and chamfer the OD/ID on both tube ends.The units hold the tube in a...

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Ultrasonic test instrument allows on-, offline tube, bar inspection

March 7, 2006

Magnetic Analysis Corp. offers the FD-4 Echomac® ultrasonic test instrument for on- or offline inspection of tube, bar, and plate and flaw detection and measurement of wall thickness and OD in...

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