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Annealing line developed for precision tube production

September 10, 2015

Plasmait has built an annealing and surface treatment line for a producer of precision tubing. The system, comprising a custom-built, coiler-type payoff and takeup, handles ODs from 0.02 to more than 0.31 in. The line is used primarily for stainless steel and nickel alloy tubing; it also can...

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Ultrasonic tube drawing system produces improved ID finish

July 17, 2015

Sonobond Ultrasonics offers a tube drawing system and components designed to accommodate manufacturers of fine metal tubing used in syringe needles, as well as for medical devices and tubing products used in industries to transport critical fluids. With this ultrasonic system, high-frequency...

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Manufacturing cell creates extremely short, straight lengths after bending, forming

July 14, 2015

The t motion automated manufacturing cell from transfluid® Maschinenbau GmbH is designed for the production of short-elbow tubing sections for use in car radiators and air-conditioning units. The cell enables the coil to be handled directly. In the first manufacturing stage, the tubing (from...

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Equipment produces three-, five-layer composite pipe

May 29, 2015

THE Machines Yvonand SA offers composite pipe production lines for three- and five-layer construction. The equipment can be supplied in metal-plastic, plastic-metal, and plastic-metal-plastic configurations. All current alloys are employed, from aluminum to steel, as well as copper alloys and...

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Electric tube hone handles bore IDs up to 35.41 in.

October 1, 2014

Sunnen’s new HTR all-electric job shop tube hone combines servo precision and cycle automation features with constant spindle power and 0.004-in. stroke repeatability to hone blind bores or correct tight spots in a bore without operator intervention. The machine handles bore IDs up to 35.41...

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Electric end forming machine offers extended stroke

September 22, 2014

The 1001EL end forming machine from Wauseon Machine and Mfg. Inc. is a single-hit end former with an electric servo-driven ram and an extended 8 in. of stroke. The extended stroke makes the machine suitable for shell, coupling, or bead locking since the entire process can be completed in a single...

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HF tube mill line offered

September 16, 2014

Universal Tube & Rollform has announced the availability of a complete 6- by 0.276-in. high-frequency tube mill line. It comes with a coil car, shear end welding machine, horizontal accumulator, five-roll flattener, forming mill, sizing mill, squaring mill, and three sets of tooling. It is...

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Heavy-duty mill-type cylinders meet ISO 6022 specs

May 5, 2014

Peninsular Cylinder Co. Inc. builds heavy-duty mill-type cylinders to ISO 6022 specifications for destructive applications such as foundries and stamping plants. Metric and English dimensions are available with position-feedback sensing, including linear transducers. Cylinder bores are up to 20...

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Automated tool change system helps cut changeover time on tube sizing machine

February 24, 2014

AddisonMckee has developed an automated tool handling system for a customer forming tube from 2 to 6 in. dia. The tool sets used in the customer’s AddisonMckee HG150-IDOD tube sizing machine can weigh up to 300 lbs., so loading and unloading previously involved the use of an overhead crane...

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Large-screen TV system displays tube manufacturing process

February 4, 2014

A new camera-controlled, fully electric tube manufacturing cell from transfluid® Maschinenbau GmbH includes a large-screen TV displaying energy consumption, the CPK value, the number of tubes that have been processed so far, and the component being produced. The manufacturing system also...

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End mill delivers high-rate metal removal for titanium roughing at low torque

December 10, 2013

5ME's CYCLO CUT® Max-Flute end mills enable machining of internal structures in titanium, INCONEL® alloy, and stainless steel components with removal rates of up to 12 cu. IPM at 45 ft.-lbs. of torque. The 20-flute end mills use shallow, radial widths of cut to transfer less heat to the cutting...

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Forming presses designed for large-diameter line pipe -

Forming presses designed for large-diameter line pipe

October 29, 2013

Graebener-Reika Inc. offers Graebener Maschinentechnik pipe forming presses for producing large-diameter line pipe used in pipeline and utility distribution systems. The presses are suited for producing pipes with increased yield points and large wall thickness-to-pipe-diameter ratios, where the...

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Cutoff blades cut cleanly to produce dimple-free tube sections -

Cutoff blades cut cleanly to produce dimple-free tube sections

October 16, 2013

Engineered for the metal tube, pipe, and roll forming production industries, new tube cutoff blades from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions are designed to produce dimple-free tubes far down the line. The vacuum heat-treated, precision-ground, high-speed steel blades are available in a variety of...

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Notcher makes 90-degree joints on both ends of tube in single cycle -

Notcher makes 90-degree joints on both ends of tube in single cycle

October 16, 2013

Innovo Corp. has introduced the Generation II line of H237DN-D hydraulic double end-notching systems for high-volume notching applications producing 90-degree joints on both ends of tubing or pipe in a single cycle. The unit has a capacity of 2-in. Sch. 40 pipe. It can be adjusted to accept...

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Linear cage forming tube mills produce variety of sizes without roll changes -

Linear cage forming tube mills produce variety of sizes without roll changes

October 8, 2013

Olimpia 80 has produced linear cage forming tube mills for a customer producing square and rectangular tube sections in carbon steel material. One of the lines produces square sections from 1.18 by 1.18 in. to 3.15 by 3.15 in. and rectangular sections from 1.57 by 1.18 in. to 4.43 by 1.18 in.,...

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