Tube and Pipe Production Articles

The tube and pipe production technology area encompasses mills and all of the equipment that makes a mill run successfully: tooling, welding units, nondestructive testers, bundlers, scarfing equipment, straighteners, scrap choppers, and washing systems.

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Automated tube welding of heat exchangers

April 24, 2001


Harris Thermal Transfer Products, Newberg, Oregon, is an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)-code shop that focuses mainly on the production of shell and tube heat exchangers.

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Image of pressure tubes

Producing quality ASTM A249 and ASME SA 249 pressure tubes

March 26, 2001


Details are everything when you're manufacturing stainless steel pipe to exacting specifications.

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Maintaining and troubleshooting HF welders: A common-sense approach for vacuum tube and solid-state machines

February 19, 2001


The basic steps of general preventive maintenance and troubleshooting for both vacuum tube and solid-state high frequency (HF) welders should assist in keeping welders online and producing pipe or tube.

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