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Tooling, the key for mill production

November 29, 2001 | By Robert Stroud

This article discusses three main criteria that govern tube mill tooling—design, materials used in their construction, and alignment of tooling on the mill. Discusses advancements in design due to CAD technology; experimental use of ceramic and plastic materials for making tooling; and the use of subplates and interchangeable components to ease tube mill alignment.

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Comparing single-cut and dimple-free tube mill cutoffs

October 25, 2001 | By John J. Pavelec

This article covers the application of single-cut and dimple-free cutoff shear technologies as they are applied to contemporary high-speed tube mills.

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Increasing tube mill welding speed: Examining technology for tube producers

October 25, 2001 | By Bernard Mannion

This article reviews processes that were technological advances in tube welding years ago but still have a bearing on how tube producers do their jobs today.

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Taking the troubles out of tube mill tooling: Preventing and solving some common problems

October 11, 2001 | By Chris Miller

This article discusses the prevention of problems associated with tube mill tooling, touching on maintaining tooling, as well as troubleshooting common problems that may arise during the tube production process.

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Mastering the tool selection process

October 11, 2001 | By Baicheng Wen

Need a tutorial on how to select the proper tube mill tooling for all kinds of jobs? Getting the right tools in place for a particular product can make a world of difference in the final product.

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Examining tube mill roll tooling, setup, and maintenance

September 17, 2001 | By Dan Ventura

In today's competitive market, two of the most important considerations for high-quality production are proper roll tooling setup and mill alignment.

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Making seamless tubing with a floating mandrel mill

September 17, 2001 | By Ray Miller

Every six seconds, a single, 32-foot length of oil country tubular goods (OCTG) production tubing used in the exploration and production of oil and/or gas is produced. More than 20,000 miles of tubular product a year can be produced using the floating mandrel mill seamless tubular production...

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Boosting efficiency in solid state welders

September 4, 2001 | By H. Arthur Link

This article, reprinted from the January/February 1999 issue of TPJ-The Tube & Pipe Journal, is based on excerpts from Thermatool Corp.'s "High Frequency Pipe & Tube Welding Manual."

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Presenting coil to a tube mill

September 4, 2001 | By Lee Kothera

Tubemakers looking to improve operations at the front of the mill should consider factors such as coil preparation before feeding it into the tube mill—end joining, removal of overthickness, burr up/down condition, and accumulation.

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Maintaining an RF tube and pipe welding generator

September 4, 2001 | By Ed Kurtz

This article separates the RF generator into seven major subassemblies and then gives tips for finding and preventing problems in each subassembly.

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Accumulating strip before the mill

September 4, 2001 | By Rick Costello

Figure 1:Strip can be stored in a deep pit, where it will hang in a loop.In simple terms, a strip processing line consists of a device to hold a supply coil of strip and a device to perform an operation to convert the flat coiled strip into a product.In tube mill operations, a supply coil is...

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Skiving strip edges for tube and pipe producing

September 4, 2001 | By Austen B. Barnes

Edge treatment of coil strip before it enters a tube and pipe mill, called skiving, is a rapidly advancing technology. Improving the coil edge before it is welded helps increase the quality of the seam join and helps prevent rejected tube or pipe.

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Do your tubes seam good enough? Using eddy current testing to make sure

August 16, 2001 | By Tim Brown

Eddy current testing offers several features that makers of welded tube may find to their liking—in particular, high throughput speeds and sensitive flaw detection.

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Solving problems on the tube mill

August 16, 2001 | By Robert Sladky

Tube mill operators face a variety of challenges every day in their efforts to produce high-quality tubing in a cost-effective and productive way.

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Inline gauge control in welded tube production: Reducing conversion losses

July 26, 2001 | By W.B. "Bud" Graham

Reducing scrap when converting strip to finished tube is a huge step in bettering your bottom line.

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