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ironworker accessories

Reinvigorating your ironworker

February 9, 2010 | By Lyle Menke

Metal fabricators need to meet the challenges that new customers present, but they may not be in the position to invest in new equipment. With a small investment in accessories, however, that ironworker in the corner of the shop may be the answer to their production predicament.

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sure iron work corrugated pieces

Bending perforated weathering steel: Not a pedestrian challenge

February 8, 2010 | By Tim Heston

Sure Iron works takes on a fabricating challenge: bump-bending perforated weathering steel plate sections with edges that aren't designed to be perfectly square.

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USMTC:Manufacturing technology consumption down 60.4% for 2009

February 8, 2010

December U.S. manufacturing technology consumption totaled $219.60 million, according to AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology, and AMTDA, the American Machine Tool Distributors' Association. This total, as reported by companies participating in the USMTC program, was up 22.9 percent...

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Kalamazoo Industries offers new full-line product catalog

February 8, 2010

Kalamazoo Industries is offering a new full-line catalog of all the company's equipment and accessories made in the U.S. The free catalog features benchtop and free-standing, wet and dry abrasive, cut-off and mitre saws for both steel and nonferrous materials; and saw arm assemblies for custom...

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Redesigned safety glasses come in eight different configurations

February 8, 2010

ArcOne's® redesigned 5000 Series safety glasses combine style and comfort in a lightweight frame. The 5000 series comes in eight different configurations including IR3 and IR5 for cutting, and polarized for outdoor activities. Outdoor mirrored versions are available in ice blue, red Revo, and...

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Hard hat respiratory system retrofits to welding helmets

February 8, 2010

ArcOne's® new Clean-Air Flow™ respiratory system with hard hat is the first of its kind allowing welders to retrofit any ArcOne welding helmet into a hard hat respiratory system, the company says. Available in different configurations, the system has been developed from the ground-up...

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My mom, the informant

February 5, 2010 | By Dan Davis

My mother is a retired elementary school teacher, and I'm married to a high school math teacher. Inevitably if the two are together for any length of time, the discussion turns to public education. The opinions are impassioned and obviously biased, but the input is valuable in understanding how a...

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'150 jobs for $1.3 million would be a steal'

February 3, 2010 | By Vicki Bell

Among the items in last month’s “Tube Talk” e-newsletter was one about Leonard Maniscalco, who owns Sackett Systems Inc., Bensenville, Ill. This small-business owner wants the government to give him a $1.3 million grant. In return, he’ll create 150 new jobs. According to Chicago Tribune...

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The dangers of hiring on the cheap

February 2, 2010 | By Tim Heston

Despite the drama at Toyota (talk about the risk of standardized parts) and the political sideshows in Washington, on the main stage of American life, something’s happening. Business is decidedly better. As Chris Kuehl, economist for the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, put it in a...

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The future of training

January 28, 2010 | By Eric Lundin

Whether or not you follow all the latest trends in digital technology, you’ve probably seen fancy devices such as the Smartphone from BlackBerry® or the iPhone from Apple. They allow you to do all sorts of things—play music, send and receive text messages, take photos, record and edit video,...

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I’ll know the recession has ended when...

January 27, 2010 | By Vicki Bell

Tonight, President Barack Obama will take the podium to deliver his State of the Union address. In his preview of the speech, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said that Obama hopes to use his message to “outline a hopeful track for our future.” He also said, “The president is going...

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From software developer to plumber

January 20, 2010 | By Vicki Bell

Yesterday was one of those days. Late in the afternoon, the first of three guys who came to replace our burst hot water heater showed up. Brian introduced himself, and I directed him to the failed heater that had caused some damage (soggy, stinky carpet) and left us hot-waterless for almost a day....

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Fabricators Graph

21st century marketing for fabricators

January 19, 2010 | By James Soto

As existing customer bases shrink, fabricators must take advantage of all possible mediums to attract new customers. Those who establish a strong online presence stand the best chance of reaching prospective buyers, 60 percent of whom begin the buying process online.

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Metal forming companies increasingly optimistic; majority expect uptick in orders

January 19, 2010

According to the January 2010 Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) Business Conditions Report, metal forming companies are increasingly optimistic as the new year kicks off. Conducted monthly, the report is an economic indicator for manufacturing, sampling 141 metal forming companies in the...

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GI Bill for the shop floor

January 18, 2010 | By Tim Heston

This recession has got me thinking about careers. As you know, unemployment still is uncomfortably high. Businesses may be recovering, but they aren’t hiring in a substantial way just yet. The talking heads on TV are pointing fingers, saying the government stimulus hasn’t led to any significant...

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